Walk with love, help pension! Fuji Intelligent Love Donation Lianzhou Town Social Welfare Center

2022-09-21 16:42

To support the old people, respect the old and respected the old people, since ancient times, respect the old, love the elderly, help the elderly culture deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Fuji Smart actively cared for the elderly, and donated 100000 yuan of love funds to the Lianzhou Town Welfare Center to support the upgrading of housing facilities, improve the living environment and old-age facilities, improve the quality of living, and improve the sense of well-being and sense of acquisition of the destitute elderly.

On the afternoon of August 17, a donation ceremony sponsored by Zhuhai Doumen District Civil Affairs Bureau and co-sponsored by Zhuhai Doumen District Charity Promotion Association was held in Doumen District. Relevant responsible persons of the organizers and organizers, company representatives, media and other guests witnessed and participated in the donation ceremony. At the ceremony, the company presented a donation check to Lianzhou Town Welfare Center for upgrading the South Hospital to build a warm and suitable pension environment for the elderly.



For this donation, Fuji Intelligent Director, Board Secretary and Executive Director Long Association said at the donation ceremony, "thanks to Doumen District Government, Doumen District Civil Affairs Bureau and Charity Promotion Association for the support of the elderly. The company adheres to the" love and responsibility coexist "on the road of growth and development, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility. It is the duty of Fuji Intelligent to actively participate in the public welfare cause of the elderly. In the future, while creating enterprise value, we will do our best to actively carry out various social welfare activities, actively promote the traditional virtues, and also hope that more forces can participate in public welfare undertakings."

As a long-term commitment to the research and development, production and sales of aluminum precision structural components, the company adheres to the "customer satisfaction, employee happiness, contribution to society" as the business philosophy, long-term practice of social welfare. Under the leadership of the management, party branch, league committee and trade union, the company actively participates in various public welfare activities through the voluntary service team, internal donations to help the needy employees and their families, and participate in the donation of schools, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and take care of special social groups. In February 2015, it was awarded "Excellent Volunteer Service Team" by Jingan Town People's Government; in August 2019, it was awarded "Excellent Volunteer Service Team" by Heart Yi Social Work Service Center of Doumen District; in August 2021, it was awarded "Love Enterprise Trade Union" by the Federation of Trade Unions of Doumen District; in August 2021, it was awarded "Love Enterprise" by Jingan Town Home and Doumen District Xinyi Social Work Service Center in April 2021; May 2021, tian 'an Village, Jintang Town, Maonan District, was awarded a plaque of "True Love, Honesty and Big Love"; in August 2022, Donation of Lianzhou Town Welfare Center and received a souvenir of "enthusiastic public welfare, dedication and love" souvenir.

Caring for the elderly in their old age is the common aspiration, responsibility and obligation of society. The company has always been Do not forget your initiative mind, adheres to public welfare, plants love, actively transmits the good virtues of positive social energy, sends more warmth and care to the people in need, and is committed to contributing to social harmony!




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