Mold Processing Innovation


2. Mold processing innovation

The company has accumulated rich experience in the research and development and production of precision molds and continues to innovate, and has mastered the manufacturing technology of precision molds. . In terms of precision, under normal circumstances, the company can control the precision of the mold to ±5μm, and the highest precision can reach ±2μm. For large-size molds (more than 1.5 meters long), the above precision can be obtained. According to the data published in "Mold Industry", Vol. 46, Issue 3, 2020, 5μm domestic molds can reach no more than 22%, and 2μm domestic molds can reach no more than 11%). The two bending processes are optimized into one process, and the outer R angle can reach the limit R0.9mm. Based on the precision mold processing technology, the company achieves high yield of precision structural components. For example, the precision molds produced by the company are provided with a rotating shaft and a bending wheel on the fixed block, and the roller is bent to avoid causing the surface of the structural component. damage and improve the yield of processing.
In the innovative application of precision molds, the company has greatly improved the production efficiency and quality by improving the mold structure instead of CNC cutting (some complex precision structural components are formed by conventional CNC cutting, and the processing time is long, which is not conducive to large-scale production. ). The company has also obtained a series of patents in the innovation of precision molds, such as a punching and trimming integrated high-efficiency stamping mold (ZL202020127642.9), an automatic adjustment material thickness bending mold (ZL202120373980.5), a TV frame extrusion molding Bending forming die (ZL202120373333.4), a servo motor rotary stamping die (ZL202120374001.8), etc.

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