Manufacturing Process Innovation


3. Manufacturing process innovation

The manufacture of precision structural components involves core processes such as extrusion molding, stamping, and CNC machining. The company's specific innovations are as follows:
(1) Large size manufacturing process
The company has a series of patents in large-size extrusion and precision stamping technology, such as a simple punching equipment (ZL201820400757.3), a punching and trimming integrated high-efficiency stamping die (ZL202020127642.9) and a TV frame automatic stamping (ZL202120373907.8), which innovatively solves the industry problem of flatness and warpage that is difficult to overcome for large-scale precision structural components. At the same time, the company has the extrusion technology for the automatic production of large-size precision structural components, which solves the problem of inability to accurately position automatic feeding and product detection during multi-station continuous extrusion, and improves production efficiency and product quality.
(2) In terms of seamless manufacturing process
The company has mastered the bending technology of high-precision structural components of aluminum materials, such as an integrated bending machine (ZL201820400718.3), a horizontal stretch-bending forming device (ZL201520979006.8) and a seamless curved bending machine and its The manufactured TV frame (ZL201920369385.7) patent, innovatively adds automation device in bending technology, adopts multi-axis servo motor synchronous bending technology, which effectively improves the efficiency of integrated bending of the frame. The company uses the above technology to provide SONY with precision structural components for the production of metal curved smart TV displays. Through the proportional control of the arc height and the chord, the curved curved frame and the curved screen can be seamlessly fitted. In terms of realizing the seamless effect of the surface of the structural components, the company has solved the customer's demand for the integration of the appearance of the structural components and the seamless seamless effect through the research and development of the laser seamless welding technology. Patent for seam curved border processing technology ( ZL201811532036.9).
(3) Efficiency improvement in manufacturing process
In terms of precision CNC machining and manufacturing technology, the company has realized continuous production by adopting intelligent automatic clamping system on the structural components of the display terminal; at the same time, by using the special CNC machine developed by the company, the processing speed of aluminum structural components has increased from the standard machine. 36 m/min, increased to 80 m/min, and can adopt the process of double-head simultaneous processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency of structural components, and ensures the stability of production and the consistency of quality. At the same time, the company uses processing equipment such as precision turning and milling machines to realize the detection of tool breakage, automatic alarm for broken tools, online parts monitoring and other detection tools and automation of production processes through technical improvements, in order to ensure product accuracy and quality stability. At the same time, the labor cost of the company is reduced and the processing efficiency is improved.

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