The company's business philosophy is "customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and social contribution". On the road of development and growth, the company adheres to "coexistence of love and responsibility" and fulfills corporate social responsibility.

In February 2015, it was awarded the "Advanced Enterprise of Charity and Public Welfare" by the People's Government of Jing'an Town; in August 2019, it was awarded the "Excellent Volunteer Service Team" by the Doumen District Xinyi Social Work Service Center; in June 2020, it was awarded the Doumen District General Manager The trade union awarded the "Caring Enterprise Trade Union"; in August 2021, it was awarded the "Caring Enterprise" by the Jing'an Town Nursing Home and Doumen District Xinyi Social Work Service Center; in April 2021, it became the "Vice President Unit of Zhuhai Charity Promotion Association"; In May 2021, the counterpart helped Tian'an Village, Jintang Town, Maonan District, Maoming City, and was awarded the plaque of "Sincere Help, Sincere Love".

Under the leadership of the company's administration, party branch, youth league committee and trade union, the company's main public welfare and charity methods:

1. Volunteer service teams actively participate in various public welfare activities, caring for the elderly and children in welfare homes, donating blood, fighting disasters and providing relief, condolences to old party members, veteran cadres and needy households, etc.;

2. Donate to help employees and their families in internal difficulties;

3. Charitable donations such as external donations for education, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.


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