Management policy

Quality policy

"Meticulous operation, scientific management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction."

Interpretation of quality policy:
Careful operation: exquisite technology, excellent equipment, proficient skills, accurate inspection and careful operation.
Scientific management: people-oriented and humanized;
Scientific and technological innovation and technicalization;
The process is controlled and standardized;
Safety, high quality and benefit.
Continuous improvement: continuously improve our processes, products, services and environment!
Customer satisfaction: meet customer needs and expectations, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy

"Abide by laws and regulations, achieve pollution prevention, continuously improve the system, and protect the ecological environment."


While pursuing the company's business development, we promise to shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection and fulfill the following basic principles of environmental protection:
——Comply with all relevant environmental protection laws and regulations.
——Assess the impact of business activities on the environment and constantly monitor and improve our performance.
——In our daily operations, we reduce or eliminate the root causes of environmental pollution and save resources.
——Provide training and support to enhance the environmental awareness of all staff.
——Share environmental protection experience with our customers, suppliers and others.
——Actively support and participate in activities to promote environmental awareness to the public.

GP environmental management material management policy


Abide by the laws and regulations related to environmental management of various countries and relevant standards of customers, conduct publicity and training inside and outside the company, thoroughly eliminate the eight hazardous substances and improve the hazardous substances at various stages within a time limit, ensure that the substances prohibited by environmental management are not used through the management and component testing of material suppliers and outsourced factories, and make all employees understand through procedures, documentation, material labeling, and separation, To produce products that meet the environmental protection management requirements of customers and strive for green environmental protection.

Occupational health and safety policy

"Abide by laws and regulations, achieve pollution prevention, continuously improve the system, and protect the ecological environment."

Information security policy

Scientific grading, comprehensive protection, rapid disposal and safety guarantee.


Establish, implement and maintain the company's information security management system in accordance with the information security management standard GB / T 22080-2016 / ISO / IEC 27001:2013, appoint a special management team, coordinate and organize all employees of the company to adopt scientific management mechanism and advanced technical means, identify and control all types of information assets and their risks, and ensure that the security risks and events of all types of information assets are predicted in advance and handled quickly. The information security management is implemented in the p-d-c-a management mode to fundamentally ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information assets in the company's business activities, meet the requirements of relevant parties, especially external customers, in laws and regulations related to product information security and national information security management, and fulfill the confidentiality obligations and responsibilities of FC company, In terms of information security management, build a strong and sustainable guarantee system for the enterprise itself.




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