Aluminium Material Innovation


1. Innovation of aluminum materials

The company's products are precision structural components, which need to meet the customer's industrial design customization requirements such as shape, color, and metal texture. Before extrusion processing, it is necessary to add other metal elements with different compositions within the scope of the national standard to improve the plasticity of the profile to meet specific design requirements (such as seamless bending of display terminal structural components, generally requiring 5mm thick national standard aluminum profile) Material, in order to avoid cracks in the shape, the inner corner should be at least R2mm or more. After the company adjusts the composition of the aluminum material, the inner corner of the 5mm thick aluminum material can be bent to an inner R0.2mm or so, and it has been successful. applied to customer products). After years of research and development and experiments, the company has formed a unique composition formula for aluminum materials suitable for various processing techniques and surface treatments, which improves the quality, yield and processing efficiency of the company's products, meets the differentiated individual needs of customers, and further enhances It improves the company's market competitiveness and promotes the stability of cooperation between the company and customers.

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