Annual Tour - Batch Statistics

2022-08-18 17:47

    it is good! Due to the large number of people participating in the tour, the number of people in each batch is limited, so the number of tour batches has been increased from 3 batches to 10 batches. The batch time is listed below, please check carefully and re-select the batch time. The department will arrange travel in batches according to production arrangements, and do not concentrate too much on a certain batch. Please count the statistics of all departments. Next Monday (April 1) at 12:00 noon, the statistics will be completed and sent to the front desk, thank you!
May 01: 39+1 places
May 24: 39+1 places
June 14: 39+1 places
July 03: 39+1 places
July 05: 44+1 places
May 15: 39+1 places
May 19: 39+1 places
June 04: 39+1 places
June 12: 29+1 places
June 24: 29+1 place
Total: 375+10



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