2019 National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Performance

2022-08-18 17:47

1. Location and time of the event: Xinqingsheng Kelong Plaza (Café de Coral Stage) on August 30, 2019

2. Participants: All are welcome to participate

3. The program progress is as follows:

Time course specific work/program content

l 18:00-18:20 Admission

l 18:20-18:30 The song and video of "Fuji Smart Memories" will be played at the opening of the party

l 18:30-18:35 Speech by the leaders of the company's party group members

l 18:35-18:45 Opening speech of the party

l (Hosts: Xie Xiang, Yi Qunyan, He Fengyun, Ning Xiaomei)

l 18:45-19:00 Performance 1: Chorus "Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China" and "Singing the Motherland"---Company Managers

l 19:00-19:10 Performance 2: Hip-hop performance---Assembly Department (He Wenzhuo)

l 19:10-19:16 Performance 3: Chorus "Brother Hug"---(Su Zhiwu, He Fengyun)

l 19:16-19:22 Performance 4: Song "Platform" --- Assembly Department (Xie Xiang)

l 19:22-19:37 Performance 5: Sketch "Strategy of Yanxi Palace of Marketing Center"---Sales Department

l 19:37-19:42 Performance 6: Song "Goodbye is also Tears"---IQC Resident (Zhao Wenkang)

l 19:42-19:50 Performance 7: Song "Spring Mud"--Assembly Department (Fu Zepeng)

l 19:50-20:00 Performance 8: Martial Arts Performance "Drunken Fist"---IPQC (Zhang Jiandong)

l 20:00-20:10 Performance 9: Play and Sing "Songs Mixed"---Warehouse (Wang Jiawei)

l 20:20 Announcing the end of the party\Blessings

4. Awards Ceremony:

1. Time of the award ceremony: 18:00-21:30 on September 27, 2019




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