Fuji Smart 15th Culture and Sports Festival

2022-08-18 17:47

Event Registration Notice


Departments and all staff:

In order to relieve everyone's work pressure, improve the physical quality of employees, and strengthen the ability of cooperation between employees, To promote cohesion among employees, the company decided to hold the 15th Culture and Sports Festival from July to September, and launched various activities one after another. Interested employees are welcome to sign up!

(1) Activities:

Individual: Soldiers, Chess

Team competition: basketball, tug-of-war, cross the river with legs (6 people 6 feet) relay Badminton match (men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles)

Ps: Table tennis and basketball are divided into men's/women's teams, please specify when registering.

(2) Deadline for basketball game registration: July 18, 17:00

The registration deadline for the remaining competitions is July 26 at 17:00

(3) Registration method: please report to the front desk with the statistician summary list

Remarks: The basketball game closes on the 18th, draws lots on the 19th, and plans to start on the 22nd (as in rainy days) Please be prepared to participate.


Administrative Personnel Center

July 15, 2019




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