Advantages of CNC machining technology for mold manufacturing

2022-08-19 09:58

Today, many off-the-shelf items are manufactured through CNC machining. Household goods and appliances often contain machined parts, while items such as enclosures and fixtures are also suitable for the process. Goods such as sports equipment may also be CNC machined. CNC machining of metal and plastic components plays an important role in the electronics industry. Items such as laptop casings, connectors and sockets can all be reliably manufactured with CNC machines. CNC machining technology has the characteristics of high automation in application. Compared with traditional machining technology, it has better accuracy and precision in product processing and manufacturing. The technology uses a digital information system, which can precisely cut and manufacture products and avoid human errors. In the application of CNC machining technology, the quality and production efficiency of processed products are greatly improved, the time for processing products is shortened, and the production cycle of products is accelerated. High-speed CNC machines allow us to manufacture high-precision copper molds, mold cavities, mold bases, lifters and other mold components in a very short time. Additionally, using a 5-axis mill, we can mill deep pocket features in hours, whereas EDM used to take days.

In the application of CNC machining technology in mold processing and manufacturing, its highly automated characteristics make the mold processing and manufacturing process without manual operation, which greatly saves human resources and reduces labor costs.

In mold manufacturing, it is often necessary to manufacture many complex molds. In the past when the manufacturing industry was underdeveloped, traditional manual cutting and manufacturing were used. For delicate and complex products, uncontrollable mistakes would inevitably occur, and there were also very difficult problems to solve. With the development of industrialization and the emergence of CNC machining technology, it has solved the previous difficulties very well. It has better accuracy and finer precision in the processing and manufacturing of products. It was previously considered that complex processes and tasks can be solved. . In mold manufacturing, numerical control technology reduces human operations, avoids uncontrollable factors, and reduces production difficulty.

Although CNC machining technology is highly automated, which reduces labor costs and production difficulties, at the same time, it requires operators to have more professional knowledge than traditional technologies. In practical application of numerical control technology, a digital information system is used, which combines automatic control and information digitization. Therefore, CNC machining technology requires operators to be proficient in the operation and control of programs. The mastery of computer and machine tool control and operation is the basis for determining the quality of the mold. Only with skilled professional knowledge can the relevant personnel be able to use the equipment better and maximize the benefits.




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